Drillmaster HV

Introducing the ‘DRILLMASTER HV’, the latest in the award-winning ‘DRILLMASTER’ line of Oil and Gas Industry gloves.

Development of ‘DRILLMASTER HV’ began, aiming to expand the operational capabilities of the original while updating the glove with the latest technologies.

As the newest member of the ‘DRILLMASTER’ family, the ‘HV’ comes equipped with a hi-visability cut-resistant liner which boasts a 4543 EN388 mechanical protection rating and is washable.

Thermoplastic armoury adds impact protection across the critical knuckle and the back-of-hand area with built-in-flexibility to allow functionality while absorbing crushing and glancing blows.

Saddle Reinforcement provides extra wear resistance and grip between the thumb and forefinger.

A bold nitrile palm coating offers protection when working with oils, greases, caustics and alcohols.

Ideal for jobs requiring dexterity and sensitivity, nitrile coatings stand up to heavy use even after prolonged exposure to substances that cause other gloves to deteriorate.

Finally, built-in antivibration and contouring increases comfort and minimizes hand fatigue.

The Drillmaster HV represents the 2nd generation of oil and gas high performance gloves while maintaining all the core values of the original DRILLMASTER.
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