Drillmaster Video

Drillmaster specifically designed to meet the needs of the Australian oil and gas industry.

Drillmaster is the winner of 2014 APPEA health and Safety Industry Choice Award for achievement in innovation and commitment to improving health, safety and environmental performance.

Back of hand impact protection has moulded armour from shock abortion which target areas at high risk of impact and injury.

Most common hand injuries occur at the tip of the fingers to the second knuckle due to crushing and glancing blows by extending the armour to the fingers tips. It has reduced these injuries.

Polyurethane coating stands up to a wide range of oils, greases and solvents.

PU coating properties maintain dexterity and tactile sensitivity, all having excellent resistant to abrasion.

The cut resistant liner is seamless, stretchable and breathable to allow for perfect fit and wearing comfort.

Ergonomic, lightweight construction reduces hand fatigue during long shifts.

This glove is also machine washable.