Liner Properties

Gloves are cotton lined for wearing comfort and aid in sweat absorption. The double lining in WSP’s Premium Red Welders also provides additional insulation against heat.

Knitted liners are knitted directly on a 3d mould. The liners are pre-formed to the contours of the hand for an close fitted glove with excellent tactile sensitivity. The lightweight construction also enhances the dexterity, breath-ability and comfort of the glove. Knitted liners are often combined with nitrile, latex and PU palm coatings to create gloves for a range of specific applications.

TAEKI5 REVOLUTIONARY CUT RESISTANT yarn are engineered to achieve the highest standard of EN Cut level 5. Combined with a lightweight construction, TAEKI5 glove liners design provides incredible comfort with superior dexterity and tactile sensitivity. Each model is specialised to offer the right protection under the most demanding conditions. This makes TAEKi5 the optimal choice for the precision handling of sharp materials required in automotive industries, metal production, white goods manufacturing and glass industries.

Cuff Designs

Fitted at wrist to prevent debris or dirt from entering the glove.

Provides additional wrist protection. Allows hands to be easily released from the glove.


Longer cuff for extended arm protection.

For excellent fit and secure wrist closure for WSP’s mechanics glove

Reinforced cuff to reduce tearing especially when wearing or removing the glove.

Coating Materials

Coated fabric gloves can be used for a multitude of tasks ranging from handling bricks, glass and wire to chemical laboratory applications.

They are made by dipping fabric liners in a synthetic material, such as latex, nitrile, PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) and PU (polyurethane). This process transforms it into multi-purpose hand protection glove with slip- resistant, abrasion-resistant and/or chemical-resistant qualities.

As a general rule, the thicker the coating, the greater the chemical and abrasion resistance. However thicker gloves may impair grip and dexterity which impacts on safety.

Coating Finishes

SMOOTH: Most economical, but has no additional gripping capability.

ROUGH: Economical, improved gripping capability

SANDY: Excellent gripping capability (see double- dipped green PVC gloves)

ETCHED: Channels away oil and liquids for maximum gripping capabilities.

ROUGH-CHIP: Unique pebbled textured glove specifically designed for horticultural (see Grissly PCB L26)