Only available in South Australia (local purchase for Workforce Safety "SA" resell only)

First Sign Saliva Test Kit

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    Incredibly easy to use, the First Sign comes all-in-one with swab and test. Taking 3 minutes from saliva collection to test result it’s the fastest kit on the market!

    First Sign Saliva Test Features:

    • Tests for the Parent THC
    • Error Free – Collection test and swab in 1 device.
    • Less invasive than urine
    • Test anywhere – anytime
    • From collection to result in less than 5 minutes
    • Easy, Fast and Accurate 1-step test
    • Screens for the Delta 9 (Δ9) THC Component, not the metabolite.
    • Test for 7 drugs: THC / COC / AMP / METH / OPI / BZO / OXY
    Model No. DAIS-01
    Cut-Off Levels
    Test Drug Cut-off level (µg/L)
    AMP – Amphetamine 50ng/ml
    BZO – Benzodiazepines 50ng/ml
    COC – Cocaine Metabolites 50ng/ml
    METH – Methamphetamine 50ng/ml
    OPI – Opiates 50ng/ml
    OXY – Oxycodone 40ng/ml
    THC – Cannabis Metabolites 15ng/ml
    Specifications No