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    Internal markings

    • Safety hard hats have a “use by date” or a “working life”. Section 3 of Australian Standard AS/NZS 1800:1998 details the “Care and Maintenance of Occupational
      Protective Helmets”, and Section 3.4 covers the “Working Life”.
    • A 3 year replacement date has been adopted as an Australian Standard.
    • Each hard hat, when manufactured, has a year and month of manufacture stamped onto the inside of the shell near the peak for easy reading.
    • Each hard hat also has a sticker placed inside it that allows the wearer to record a date of issue.
    • Hard hats must be replaced 3 years after being issued and first worn. This is not then necessarily 3 years after manufacture.
    • It is suggested though that hard hats be replaced 3 years after manufacture if they have not been issued and worn.
    • This is especially important if they have been stored in direct sunlight.
    • Hard hats should be inspected weekly and replaced if they are cracked, worn, discoloured or have had an impact.
    • The internal hard hat harness should be replaced every 2 years
    • 6 Point Premium Comfort Harness (Terelyne) Black
    • Chin Strap Black
    • Replacement Sweat Band Terry Towelling Black
    • Reflective Tape Kit for Helmet 2 curves 1 straight Silver
    • Reflective Tape Kit for Helmet 2 curves Silver