Only available in South Australia (local purchase for Workforce Safety "SA" resell only)

Microlite® Plus Nitrile Disposable Gloves

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    Whether you have Dry hands, Hot Hands, Damp Hands, Sweaty Hands or Wet Hands, it won’t matter anymore! Because with EASY ON Technology the glove is easy to put on, no matter what. Microlite® PLUS is fully textured from finger tips to cuff, giving you a super lightweight easy donning fully textured glove.

    • 100% Nitrile
    • Brand New Technology – The only glove with EASY ON  Technology.
    • Unrivaled Comfort – Soft textured outer, silky inner, the glove just slides on.
    • Ultimate Efficiency – Saves the end user time, saves the purchaser money.
    • Value Packed Boxes – 250 disposable gloves per box.
    • Extremely Fine Dexterity
    • Fully Textured
    • Latex Free, Vinyl Free, Powder Free, MBT Free